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Assessments & Result Centre

Most of the academic and professional programs at IADM are based on assessments of students’ work mostly in form of academic reports, projects, case studies and research papers. To ensure the consistency in assessment procedures, from setting the course work and associated grading criteria till the marking and evaluating the learners, the ARC works independently under each academic faculty headed by the respective faculty head.

The Student Services Department is open from 09:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. (Mondays to Saturdays). An appointment can be booked to see the counsellors either on telephone (+92-42-111-020-020) or through email (

At ARC, the learners shall be:

  • Receiving all their assessments schedules for the unit, at the beginning of the course so that they could manage their time in advance Submitting their completed course work
  • Receiving the results of their course works
  • Submitting any sort of complaints, regarding assessments and deadlines etc.
  • The ARC is responsible for:
  • Preparing assessment schedules, after consulting the relevant assessor
  • Setting grading criteria, after consulting with Faculty Head, Internal Verifier, Lead IV and Director Academics
  • Generating copies of the assessment sheets and/or examination papers as per the requirements
  • Receiving the learners course works at the mentioned deadline
  • Responding to the queries of learners, regarding issues of assessment, grading and results
  • Getting the course work marked from the designated assessor
  • Arranging internal and external verifications for every batch of a particular course
  • Compiling the aggregate results of the students, and making the qualification/unit awarding decisions