Ceo Message

Welcome to the Institute of Art Design & Management (a project of Step). I welcome you to our institute, invite your queries, and hope you recognize the opportunity that awaits you here.

Now, more than ever, we are in extremely competitive skills based job market. If you find yourself in a career transition, careful consideration must be given to what sort of career outcomes and opportunities would come after pursuing a degree.

At IADM, you will find degree program based on marketable skills in emerging career fields in the creative and applied arts. For alumni of an Art Institute, the degrees they have earned have been instrumental as a resume builder, but it is majorly the underlying skills they develop in our programmers that are the bridge between their academic background and shaping a rewarding career ahead.

And why IADM? Profound history, skill based vocational qualifications certified from UK, and a dynamic career oriented curriculum. We look forward to maximizing the growth and expansion of this region by producing graduates who are ready to enter the fields of creative and practical arts.

You may be in the exploratory phase of your college search and asking “How do I find the right career for me?” If you find that this website does not answer that question, I invite you to reach us and we will be more than happy to assist in determining whether IADM is right for you or not. In selecting a college/institute/university, research the market, ask questions, focus on a program where you can develop skills, and above all, aim at doing something that you love.

Happy Learning!! Gouhar Pirzada CEO