Business English Certificate (bec)

Duration: 2 Years

BEC assists the professionals to improve their English language skills to communicate fluently & confidently at the workplace. Several corporations take business English certificate as motivation for their in house training. Likewise, numerous leading international companies make it a preferred qualification for their recruitment. Moreover, the B2 vantage prepares you to be successful in international business. Also, various universities identify C1 Higher as an appropriate entry requirement for business-relevant courses.

Impact of BEC Certificate:

The course of BEC is an internationally acknowledged assessment, established by the department of ESOL Cambridge University. Moreover, a Business English certificate demonstrates the English usage ability of candidates at the workplace. Additionally, several universities, employers and Government organizations worldwide require this certificate. BEC Business certificate offers three several levels of expertise for English speakers of different backgrounds. However, this test is especially for those pursuing a business/ commerce career while focusing on professional English skills.

Levels of BEC English Certificate:

This certificate demonstrates the employers about the practical language skills that students use in a professional perspective. Thus, the BEC business English certificate has extensive business stability and brings the global business world into the classroom. Hence, the three levels of courses are as follows:

  1. B1 Business Preliminary
  2. B2 Business Vantage
  3. C1 Business Higher

Hence, these courses prepare students for all four skills of language in a business context, writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Moreover, these courses reflect the aspect of business in vocabulary, circumstances presented in tasks and selection of text types.

Significance of BEC levels:

All these levels of business English certificate vantage are idealistic for learners to ready them for a business career. As well as for those who desire to attain English qualifications in business or want to improve communication skills. Your B2 certificate shows the employers about your interest in successful international business. Thus, these courses will help you to apply for a new job, to get a promotion or develop your career.

Competence of BEC language:

At the end of the business English certificate course, students will be competent enough to:

  • Converse about business patterns and trends
  • Use the significant vocabulary of business accurately
  • Show figures & facts with precision
  • Create analyses and comparisons
  • Develop confidence to handle situations of business effectively
  • Communicate efficiently in areas of business such as social English, meetings, presentations, negotiations, and telephoning.

Why join a business English certificate course?

In the current day’s enlightened global market, an upright understanding of the English language has occupied a significant role internationally. The aspirants with a substantial working awareness of English get a compact advantage in the job field. Because the common standard to measure those skills is dynamic. There is an enormous recognition of BEC certificate by thousands of establishments all over the world. Therefore, the business English certificate serves as a strong letter of excellence verifying the capabilities of the candidate. Certainly, BEC business certificate authorizes that interviewees have learned the business English up to the extraordinary & renowned standard.

Worldwide acceptance:

BEC Business English certificates are trusted and accepted by worldwide leading organizations and employers. Our BEC language courses are a mark of excellence which opens new doors and provides you with confidence and skills to flourish. Moreover, these levels rely on genuine conditions providing your skills to communicate in real-life scenarios of business. The speaking practises with expert examiners takes place face to face. Hence, allowing you to express your point of view, concepts and negotiate in the international market.

Provision of Practice Material:

IDAM also offers a range of support material and business learning to assist you to get ready for your exam. Moreover, it will also give them the confidence to communicate professionally.

Why choose it?

By joining the business English certificate course, you will be able to:

  • Follow general business discussions and telephonic conversations
  • Write short factual emails and business letters
  • Discuss the tasks of practical business such as responding to common inquiries

Who should apply?

Everyone who wants to improve his/her English for the career of business is encouraged to apply. Moreover, studying the BEC language will provide you with an upright foundation in English skills required to work internationally.

How will you be assessed?

Initially, students will take an assessment test to determine their appropriate English language proficiency level. Thus, test results will recommend the suitable BEC English certificate to opt for according to the abilities of students.

Online BEC Admission Method:

You can apply for a Business English Certificate course by filling the form online given on our website.