BA Fashion Design & Management

Fashion Designing Course
Fashion Designing Course
Duration: 4 Years


The Degree of Fashion Designing Course concentrates on evolving the sensitivity for innovative designs. For that, it focuses on learning from local context & universal design approach. That is why this 4 years program delivers a hands-on experience to the students to form designs, make patterns or drapes & create high-quality products. Moreover, the institute combines creative innovation, technical skills and artistic ability in this course. Accordingly, beginners are upskilled through training, like other renowned universities in Lahore, Pakistan. Likewise, STEP Institute balances the curriculum through units like Fashion History, Textile Design, Theory, and Business Management. Besides this, several courses make it the best school you should choose.

The Significance of a (BA) Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design:

Fashion Design & Management
BA Bachelors of Art Fashion Designing 4 years degree emphasises balancing industry-related and theoretical fashion. Similarly, students do research to cultivate a practice of innovative design because this is a very important aspect in this field to stay on top of trends. Therefore, this Fashion Training Program educates the students about Pattern Making, Illustration, Cutting, Stitching, and Sewing. Additionally, it also develops interpersonal and communication skills to elevate the student’s confidence, clear their vision and develop a better understanding. Hence, Learn Fashion Design to take an exclusive design approach, attain technical competence & achieve industrial practice as well.

The Career Trajectory of BA Fashion Designing Course In Pakistan:

The BA Fashion Designing course in Pakistan offers graduates valuable knowledge, skills, and industry connections, preparing them for exciting career prospects in the fashion industry. Students also have the opportunity to showcase their final work at a thesis exhibition, gaining recognition from professionals in the field. This course equips individuals with the expertise to pursue a successful career in their chosen fashion specialization.

Potential Opportunities for Students:

Fashion Design Degree in Pakistan is a dynamic field and opens many career opportunities for students because this is very necessary for their bright future. You can satisfy your artistic skills along with the fame and money, associated with this profession. These courses can help you to get jobs as a designer, consultant, and manager. Moreover, many industry stylists hold degrees in design and management from renowned Art & Fashion Institutes. Other directly related jobs are retail buyers, retail managers, merchandisers, and textile designers. Furthermore, students of our fashion designing institute are also working in different other positions like fashion journalists, textile technologists, jewellery designers, and event organizers. Our successful alumni prove that our BA fashion designing course in Lahore is the best, because of STEP Professional Education Services.


A number of Fashion Designing Institutes in Lahore are providing education and training in this field. However, our degree is considered one of the best. There are some salient features that make STEP a unique fashion designing institute because we provide professional services.

  • Above all, our BA fashion design degree is recognised at the International Level.
  • Likewise, our BA fashion designing Course curriculum is according to international standards.
  • We curate our fashion designer training courses by international designers for the capacity building of our students.
  • We have specifically designed our 4-year degree programme of BA fashion design course for beginners, thus, they learn the basics of the field.
  • Moreover, our fashion institute promotes conceptual, intellectual & critical competencies by assigning equivalent significance to research & practice.
  • IADM has all the necessary facilities and qualified staff. In addition, we keep updating our syllabus according to the changing national and international trends/requirements.
  • We strongly identify with our roots and always promote our local culture, trends, and values.

Successful Alumni of BA Fashion Designing Course | Degree:

More than 80% of our graduates are working in different organisations in different capacities. Because of this, most students want to learn from STEP College. They are teaching fashion design at other universities and making us proud because this is our huge success story. A large number of our graduates are running their own businesses and practically applying the learned knowledge. Our BA Bachelors of Arts fashion degree or course programmes are well-designed. Consequently, the graduates are not only well educated, but they are skilled holistically as well.


Our students are employed in various sectors of the creative industry, and they can pursue to be heads of global businesses to self-employed practitioners. In that regard, 89% of our recent graduates are working; and over a quarter of those are freelancers or have their own businesses.

We are as career-focused as you are.


We promote a learning environment to develop new styles and products for clothing apparel and accessories. This is accomplished by creating original designs or adapting fashions to suit local conditions, trends and buyers. Hence, they are the ones who approve final samples before they go into production. The designer begins the designing process only after thorough market research, i.e., understanding the needs of the client/market in terms of changing trends, budget etc. Similarly, Accessory Designers specialise in designing shoes, bags, scarves, jewellery, ties, etc. which complete the look of the garment.


They arrange and supervise the marketing of fashion clothing for manufacturing houses, textile firms and retail stores. Likewise, they advise on the latest trends, organise fashion shows, and assist in advertising i.e. promoting sales and liaising with fabric dealers to ensure that the fabric, buttons and colours are of the correct shade, quality and design.


Draw freehand sketches of the designer’s ideas so that you can know the basic skills. This requires not only outstanding sketching skills but also excellent communication skills as well in order to interact with customers.


As per this job criteria, the consultant must be a sharp observer, aware of the trends and transitions in the fashion market along with knowledge of fashion design. Consequently, they are expected to offer ideas regularly on how to further develop a product to be readily absorbed in a market.

Cutting Assistants

A Cutting Assistant cuts samples. In that, learners make and alter patterns to see that the design visualised can be converted into an actual dress.

Sketching Assistants

A Sketching Assistant makes technical sketches of the garments and makes drawings for presentations. Moreover, it is his or her job to decide how a garment has to be fabricated. The sketching assistant also has to select the fabric sometimes.

Fashion Stylist

A Fashion Stylist has to coordinate the entire wardrobe for a fashion show or programme to promote the sales of the products. It involves coordinating the dress, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and even the colour of the nail polish of the model according to the theme and the overall look of the show.


It is a qualification for those who have either already started or are planning to embrace a career in fashion or the creative market.


  • The IADM is a UK-based qualification that leads to further international progression
  • The curriculum is designed to provide learners with a variety of skills needed to meet local and international industry demands.
  • Our fashion design Institute gives the students opportunities to execute their collections from idea to catwalk.
  • It enables you to explore trends and develop an independent mode of working so that you can stay in touch with the latest methods.

Total Duration: 4 years

Total semesters: 8 (6 months per semester)


Total credits: 240

Mandatory: 80 credits

Optional: 160 credits


Total credits: 120

  • Basic Design
  • Colour Theory
  • CAD
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Design Exploration
  • Pattern Drafting & Sewing
  • Visual Communication
  • Fashion Drawing & Design
  • Fundamentals of Textiles
  • History of Costumes
  • Design Application in Fashion
  • Pattern Construction & Production Techniques
  • Research & Development in Fashion
  • Project Design, Implementation & Evaluation
  • Techniques & Processes in Textiles
  • Draping
  • Portfolio Development
  • Fashion Collection Realisation
  • Professional Practice
  • Fashion Photography
  • Flat Specs for the Fashion Industry
  • Textile Collection Realisation
  • Garment Manufacturer
  • Jewellery, Accessories & Body Adornment
  • Men’s wear
  • Dissertation
Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Admission:

The selection of the students is based on the following factors:

1. Academic background:

Candidates with ICS, ICOM, FA, FSc, and A-LEVEL in any subject can apply for this course.

2. Assessment Test

An assessment test will be provided to candidates which is designed to analyze their aesthetical abilities in the art and design field. Most noteworthy, the percentage in this test will allow the department to focus on the areas in which candidates lack. Therefore, further advisement can be given by assessors.

3. Submission of a completed application form along with academic documents:

An application form has to be filled out by the candidate given by the admission office. Attach all the required documents, which include two passport-size pictures, all previous academic certificates, a CNIC copy of the candidate and a CNIC copy of guardians.

Online Admission Method:

You can also apply for fashion design admission online by filling out the form given on our website.

    Passport Size Photo Maximum Size: 2MB
    Inter Certificate Maximum Size: 2MB