London Examination (PEARSON) the UK

London Examinations (PEARSON) of the UK is the leading examining and awarding body in the UK and throughout the world. STEP under the aegis of London Examinations, UK provides a wide range of qualifications including vocational, occupational and general (academic) programmes. Through a network of UK and overseas Centers, STEP being the largest PEARSON Center in Pakistan receives incessant support required to deliver the internationally recognized qualifications under Art & Design and Business & Management faculties for the first time in Pakistan. As part of the three years UK bachelors programmes, students avail themselves of the Foundation Degree status at the end of the first two years awarded by London Examinations, UK.


British Council
Institute of Art, Design & Management is working with British Council, Lahore for the last eight years. IADM has recently achieved Gold Membership under IELTS partnership program.

IADM has also worked with British Council on several other projects including

  • Silk Route Competition
  • Reconstruction of Fashion and Cultural Identity
  • University Millennium Project
  • Conflict Resolution Workshop

Warnborough College, Ireland

Warnborough College Ireland 1997

Warn borough Worldwide is successfully providing a range of academic and research-based qualifications in the UK and in other countries including, USA, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, China, Philippines, Thailand and many others. Many others. Its 34 years of quality expertise has made many overseas institutions to choose WU. Warn the borough’s mission is to link countries and cultures by providing global learning opportunities. All academic programmers take into account the need for transferability of credits, and the ability for students to tailor the knowledge to suit their own environments. Individual Learning Centers are able to localize study materials relevant to their needs. Its quality management systems are underpinned by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001:2005 quality standards, as well as those required by the Irish Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC).


tevta government of the Punjab
Institute of Art, Design & Management and Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) is working in collaboration to cultivate friendly relationships in, research, training & development, curriculum development, and events management.

STEP and TEVTA are working on the following areas of cooperation:

  • IADM & TEVTA will work in collaboration to organize different events (Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, Displays, etc)
  • STEP College IADM is working as Master Trainer to train TEVTA staff and Principals on areas including (Art & Design, Textiles, Management, English Language, Curriculum Development or any identified or proposed need by TEVTA)