Ielts preparation
Ielts preparation
Duration: 2/month

IELTS is considered one of the most significant requirements to go abroad for work or study. This International English Language Testing System confirms your understanding regarding language. There are two altered versions of IELTS Academic &  General. Those who want to study abroad take an exam of academics and those who seek to migrate take a general test. Moreover, our preparation course design is according to the requirements of international standards.  We provide training specifically in English listening, speaking, reading & writing. Additionally, students get an advantage to practice as per the pattern of the test in detail. Furthermore, the institute’s coaching Center also provides classes to improve accent, vocabulary & grammar. You will attain proper exam guidance by taking admission or via online registration in College. Thus, if you’re looking for the best academy nearby for IELTS Preparation in Lahore, then you are in the right place.

IELTS Preparation in Lahore: Exam test course classes, Registration online

What do we do for the IELTS Exam preparation?

The best IELTS preparation requires the test pattern learning with the improvement of the Basic language. Thus, our course concentrates on format along with English perfection.

Moreover, we provide the study with the material, practise tests and personalized coaching endorsed by British Council resources. Therefore, proper guidance and the right direction can help you achieve good bands in the IELTS exam. Additionally, we will help you learn the exam procedure and attain suitable strategies and skills for the IELTS academic preparation.

How do we do IELTS coaching?

IELTS Examines the ability of individuals to speak, write, read & listen in English.  IELTS speaking test module is a significant component because of the evaluation of speaking is one on one conversation with the evaluator. Thus, the STEP IELTS Institute in Lahore deliberately focuses on Basic English speaking through conversations and presentations. However, for the IELTS writing preparation, practising the diversity of writing styles makes it the best IELTS College in Lahore. Furthermore, the reading test is also a key feature accomplished by providing a variety of reading material. Likewise, the listening test comprises of 20% American accent while, 80% British, New Zealand & Australian accent. Therefore, performing the listening practising test enables you to enhance your listening abilities. Hence, all of these features make IADM the best IELTS institute for IELTS preparation in Lahore, Pakistan.

IELTS Academic & General Preparation:

Two versions of IELTS include academic test preparation for individuals perusing professional registration or higher education. However, IELTS general training preparation is for the ones migrating abroad for work experience, training program or secondary education. Thus, our IELTS Institute in Lahore enables you to be aware of the format and structure of the test. Moreover, students will be competent enough to analyze the conversations, reading passages, lectures, spoken responses, and writing samples. You will be capable of checking answers or answering questions during its preparation. However, you’ll not obtain scores on sections of samples.

Who teaches the IELTS English Course?

We have a well-qualified staff having CELTA, an entry-level certificate for English teaching as a foreign language. Our prestigious employees are university degree holders having a diploma of DELTA as an acquisition of the second language. The advantage is that about more than 8000 organizations worldwide accept this in academic, government & employment organizations. Thus, our the well-equipped staff works with IELTS course details assuring you a capability building of English usage.

What are the learning outcomes IELTS Preparation?

You will get to know about:

  • An introduction to IELTS preparation course if you are a beginner
  • The modules and their preparation
  • Strategies of time management for each module
  • Conceptions of vocabulary usage
  • Preparation books to prepare you for significant perceptions
  • Mock test

How will you be prepared for IELTS?

You will get your desired band with minimum exertion. IELTS Training Classes will provide you with official practice material. Thus, you will acknowledge the pattern and contemplate your weaker points. Furthermore, performing the IELTS exam practice, again and again, will make it easier to take the test. Moreover, this is how you will be able to complete your test in a given time.

How do we stand out for the IELTS practice test?

We have internationally educated teachers with a strong grip on the English language. We provide free preparation material for practice and to encourage our students. During the exam practice, we fully concentrate on the English Grammar & vocabulary irrelevant to other institutes. Furthermore, STEP is affordable as it charges a low fee.

Who should take IELTS classes?

Following individuals should take admission in this programme, such as;

  • Students who desire to enter in international universities
  • Employed professionals eager to apply at international organizations
  • Persons applying for immigration to the UK, Canada, USA, & Australia
  • People who are interested in globally accepted certification
  • Future coaches of training and other courses of English language
  • Anyone who has already taken this course & wants to improve his/her score

Why Choose IADM for Test Preparation?

This course in Lahore suggests a comprehensive insight of its modules.  Our course curriculum is easy to follow & most reasonable in the market. Moreover, we do not take an enormous amount for IELTS registration or  Admission from our students. Thus, we are still able to deliver the best IELTS classes in Lahore along with affordable and quality education.  Likewise, our curriculum prepares you for your future career in education. Additionally, you will get all the relevant material for the preparation of this programme in Lahore. If you are willing to look for an IELTS institute nearby, then STEP is the right place for you.


  • Exam / Test Preparation
  • Improving your spoken English
  • Excelling in test through writing, reading, speaking and listening skills
  • Vocabulary enhancement, improving grammatical range and accuracy along with coherence and cohesion

Trainers of our IELTS best academy in Lahore work closely with you. And they help you to accomplish your target band by improving an individual’s score step by step.

Course Duration:


  • For students who get a high score in the initial assessment and have good proficiency in English


  • Two months course is for ones who have achieved an above-average score in the initial assessment and have average English.


  • All the students who are not good at English and need help before they start preparation.  Those will take 2 months of English language support course along with one-month preparation skills.


  • Monday to Friday (4:30pm – 6:30 pm) and (6:30pm – 8:30pm).
Mock test:

This test is held on every Saturday from 11 am till 3 pm, and all modules of the exam are tested. The students must take this test every Saturday. This is how their improvement and progression is correctly monitored. Thus, trainers can understand their individual needs to improve their band.

Online Admission Method:

IADM also offers online registration to get enrolled in this programme. Thus, fill the online form given at our website to join the best academy in Lahore. Therefore, this will assist you to achieve the dream of getting an education from IELTS Coaching nearby.