Academic Rules & Policies

Every student of IADM shall abide by the rules of this institute, which may be updated from time to time

Leave Policy

Students should not miss classes except for valid reasons, such as illness, accidents or participation in officially approved Step activities. When students are absent from classes, it is their responsibility to inform Coordinator of the reason for the absence and it should be in notice of all the teachers that particular student is on leave and it remains the responsibility of the students to arrange with instructors to make up any academic work missed.

For request of leave exceeding SEVEN DAYS (to a maximum of 15 days), the parent / guardian must schedule a meeting with the department coordinator prior to submission of such application.

Students who wish to take leave must submit leave application in writing duly countersigned by their guardian and Department Coordinator to the institute; at least two days before the due date on which they wish to proceed on leave, except in case of emergency. In case of medical leave students should attach medical certificate Medical leave requests for over five days to a maximum of thirty days are acceptable only if supported by the Medical Certificate, issued by a certified Medical Officer. The student will automatically be dropped from the semester if the medical leave exceeds thirty days.

Process of readmission is applied in case the leave exceeds thirty days.

Short Leave:

If Students want to go out of the campus during the class timings they have to take permission from the department before they leave (Permission slips signed by the Department Head should be issued).


Students are expected to attend classes on time. Students should not be late for classes except for valid reasons, such as participation in officially approved Step activities.

Dropping Units:

Students may drop semester during the first week of the semester, and no record of the course will appear on the students’ academic record. However, during the second week of the session written application to the Department Coordinator is required to drop a class. No request to drop classes will be considered after the third week.

Student ID card:

Every student of the institute must have student Identity Card. They should always wear it while being on campus.

Termination of Registration:

Students who for any reason decide to terminate their registration before the end of the academic session must give prior written notice either to the Finance Office or to the Academic Department and must return their student campus card.


The Institute carries a strict policy on any plagiarized work. Fail is immediately awarded as result of any plagiarized work, assessment, report or assignment. It is important to understand that all the following come under plagiarism.

  • Is using someone else’s work as your own without acknowledging it.
  • Whether you are quoting word for word, or paraphrasing a written passage, if you do not acknowledge it, you are guilty of plagiarism.
  • Reproducing or paraphrasing published material without acknowledgement of the source.
  • Presenting information derived from electronic sources such as the internet without acknowledgement of the source.
  • Passing off ideas, designs, inventions or any other creative work as your own.
  • Copying from the work of another student.
  • Undeclared collusion with another student.
  • Getting someone else to do your work for you.
  • Submission of previously assessed work.

Request forms:

Any application regarding issuing of certificate, leave forms, etc, must be submitted at least two days in advance. This will enable the Student Services Department to prepare it in time.

Notice board:

Students are required to read all the information placed on the notice boards. It is student’s responsibility to check the board on daily basis to verify the accuracy of their schedule and other notices.

Personal Belongings:

The institute undertakes no responsibility in respect of student’s personal and academic belongings. The Institute will not be responsible in case of any loss.

Parents Meeting:

Each faculty tries to update parents/guardians about every learner’s academic progress during each semester. However parents/guardians are strongly advised to get related information from respective faculty on regular basis.

Log Sheet:

Faculty members complete log sheets during individual counselling sessions as well as group tutorials.


Smoking is confined to specifically designated areas only.

Use of Mobile Phones:

The use of mobile phones in all classes and examinations is strictly prohibited.

Misuse of Internet:

Misuse of internet facility is strictly prohibited. Board on daily basis to verify the accuracy of their schedule and other notices.