General Rules & Policies


Students are not entitled to attend classes or to use the Institute facilities until they have completed the enrolment procedure and have been issued by the information office with a student campus card. The campus card is issued for the duration of a student’s course and will be revalidated with the new course. A fee is charged for the replacement of lost cards.


Tuition fees are due at the time of enrolment. Students either pay the fees themselves or must provide the Student Finance Office with evidence that their fees (in part or in full) will be paid by a guardian.


Students are required to observe the Institutes attendance policy and to attend the classes associated with their course and to produce work which is set by the stated deadlines. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the Institute.

Notification of Absence:

Students must keep their course or course tutor informed of the reason for any significant absence and, in the case of sickness, will normally be required to provide supporting evidence.

Change of Course:

Students must inform the Academic Department of any change in the course on which they are enrolled. Students in receipt of a mandatory award are strongly advised not to make any such change without first consulting their Faculty Head about their willingness to transfer the award.

Suspending Study:

Students suspending their studies must consult with their Faculty Head in writing and return their student campus card.

Termination of Registration:

Students who for any reason decide to terminate their registration before the end of the academic session must give prior written notice either to the Finance Office or to the Academic Department and must return their student campus card.

Payment Method:

The fee vouchers are issued by the Finance Office and it is the responsibility of students to collect their fee vouchers on an agreed date / time before the semester commences. Payment is made directly in the designated bank.


  • Students who do not respond to requests for payments or reminders from Finance office within a period of two months will have their ability to access Computing and Library Services disabled.
  • Students are expected to pay any accounts presented to them by the Institute promptly. Students who are experiencing serious financial difficulties should discuss their circumstances with their Academic Manager as soon as possible in order that a payment schedule can be agreed. In cases where accounts are outstanding, the Institute may refuse re-enrolment in a subsequent academic year, withhold award certificates and not allow students to graduate.


Reset Tuition Fee:

All students that have to reset modules as part of their course will be charged the appropriate module fee. If a full-time student needs to reset the full academic year the full-time tuition fee will be charged.

Change of Address:

Students must inform either the Finance Office or the Art & Design Office, of any change in either their term time or their permanent address.

Change of Name:

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their correct name has been recorded on the Institute’s database. Students should inform either the Student Services or their Academic Department of any change in name and must provide documentary evidence as soon as possible following the name change. No award certificates will be re-issued in a different name to that recorded at the Course Assessment system and on Database, the Student Information System.


Under the Acts governing health and safety at work the Institute has a duty to provide, as far as is reasonably practical, a safe environment for students. The Institute expects students to co-operate by taking proper care for the health and safety of themselves and others. Students should expect to be instructed in safe practices and procedures and will be expected to follow instructions.


Smoking is confined to specifically designated areas only.

Use of Mobile Phones:

The use of mobile phones in all classes and examinations is strictly prohibited.

Crime Prevention:

The college aims to raise awareness of crime prevention amongst all students’ and staff. Any suspicious persons or incidents should be reported to the Security Team as soon as possible. They can be contacted by telephoning the security Room on EXT 105 or in an emergency from call 100/103 (Front Desk) . Car users should make sure that they always lock their vehicles, remove all items, including coats and bags, and if possible fit a locking device.

Loss of Property:

The security office and front desk keeps records of lost, stolen and found property. You are advised to inform the office if you lose or find any article, including money. Property which has been found is kept in the Security Office.


Bullying and harassment are unacceptable forms of behavior and contrary to the college’s aims of fostering an environment where its staff, students, visitors and contractors will be treated with dignity and respect. Bullying and harassment are behaviors which, if based on a person’s sex, race, disability, religion or sexual orientation, are unlawful. There are further legal implications under Health & Safety legislation. Any bullying and harassment may be a source of great distress to the recipient and the College has a legal duty of care. All incidents will be taken seriously and could provide grounds for disciplinary action that may lead to dismissal or expulsion from the college. Furthermore, individuals who harass or bully may be subject to criminal and/or civil prosecution.

Race Equality Policy:

The college seeks to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, staff, visitors, and contractors. It is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and eradicating racial discrimination. The college’s Race Equality Policy requires equal treatment for all regardless of race, color, culture, ethnic or national origin.

Equal Opportunity:

STEP Institute follows a concrete equal opportunity policy that entitles all our students, employees and staff to avail benefits & opportunities without any biased approach on the basis of gender, age, religious & ethnic origins. It is vital for everyone at STEP to observe and practice “tolerance” in all situations (to adhere to the mission statement). The violence of any kind (verbal and physical) is considered gross misconduct.