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Interior Architecture Design & Management

Interior Architecture Design & Management

Interior Architecture Design Course 4 Years Programme

Interior Design and Management is a skilful programme that comprises of computer-aided designs and drawing while being relevant to the Architecture. Additionally, Interior Design Course is not merely about decorating a place rather managing it. The Interior Bachelor Degree Course of STEP Institute Covers the study of pragmatic designs, philosophical & conceptual progress. Likewise, our course is professional for those who are aiming to consider the functional and technical aspects of the commercial level. Most notably, our programmes & courses are according to International study levels. Thus, our graduates can deliver their services in schools, colleges, and several organizations.

The Speciality of Interior Architecture Design & Management Course:

Interior design is relevant to the space experience as it is a significant part of our routine lives. Thus, the aspiration to develop a pleasing environment is a rapidly growing interested in architecture and decoration. Our Interior Design Programmes cultivate a sensibility of space design in our students. Hence, it promotes awareness to enhance the quality of human life through the application of technical & creative expertise to an interior environment.

Moreover, it is multidimensional and multidisciplinary that covers various subjects. For instance technology, architecture, lighting, technology, products, materials, professional practice, social science, and cultural anthropology.

Interior Design Course & Management

Insight of Interior Architecture Design Degree | Programme:

As the Interior Design and Management are all about crafting spaces that anticipate our requirements and satisfy our emotional plea. Therefore, our BA Interior Design Course has been articulated to provide an understanding of sustainability, space planning, textiles, and colours to students. Above all, our Commercial Interior Design Course delivers proper knowledge regarding building information modelling (BIM), and 2D, 3D computer-aided designs (CAD). Further, it focuses on building codes, safety & health issues, and structural requirements.

What makes STEP a Unique Interior Architecture Design Institute?

A lot of Interior Design Colleges are offering the same courses in Lahore, but STEP is not an ordinary Institute. Some unique features make it different.

  • The course’s project-based learning allows the students to acknowledge the creative construction of places while correcting concept representation.
  • Our qualified professional staff is a dynamic team of active architects or designers who share their real-world experiences.
  • The IADM’s degree | Program of Bachelors of Interior Design is recognized at the international level.
  • Vast Interior Decorating Courses provide the students with opportunities to get a job at various organizations or become an entrepreneur, because of this students can make their future bright.

Units of Bachelors of BA Interior Design:

  • Basic designing
  • CAD
  • Colour theory
  • Auto Cad
  • Drawing techniques
  • Visual communication
  • Corporate strategy
  • Residential plan
  • 3D materials and their properties
  • Model making at a commercial level
  • Designing procedure for construction
  • Furniture design
  • Exhibition plan
  • Restaurant plan
  • Interior design
  • Construction methods
  • 3D technology
  • Art and designing professional practices
  • Codes and systems building
  • Lighting
  • Building construction and maintenance
  • Landscapes architecture
  • Cultural and contextual referencing
  • Engineering systems and service
  • Portfolio
  • Dissertation
  • Internship

Career Options:

Our degrees and courses open doors to several careers for students. Therefore, they can work in a variety of places. Here we are mentioning a few of them:

Interior Designers:

Graduates can design the interior of all sorts of working places like offices, schools, hospitals, and homes. Besides, a Commercial Interior Decoration Course has been planned for job seekers.

Exhibition Designers:

Our pass outs are working as exhibition designers. Therefore, they plan their exhibition by keeping factors like exhibition theme, product display and expected visitors in mind.

Furniture Designers:

Furniture designing is all about creating furniture utilizing small spaces. Hence, our graduates are trained enough to guide carpenters to fulfil the needs of clients. Above all, students can pursue the field of decorative furniture or incorporating decorations.

Kitchen Designers:

It’s about beauty likewise practical aspects of using the space. Accordingly, Décor and lighting in the kitchen are used by keeping the temperature in mind.

Lighting Designers:

It is not only about decorating the place but providing energy-efficient lighting according to the requirements. Rather, designers use different kinds of lighting equipment and designs to provide the desired effect.

Industrial Designers:

Industrial designing is about aesthetics, cost of products and concepts of new products. Thus, our graduates are working in different industries in this capacity and making a good fortune.

Landscape Designers:

It is about managing outdoor spaces. Parks, campuses and recreational facilities are a few examples. Moreover, the lawns of houses are also planned by these professionals.

Why choose it?

In order to become a successful designer, you require a comprehensive education as well as skillfulness. Thus,

  • This BA Interior Design School will provide real-time industry experience because without skilful education you can not go-ahead to the next level.
  • Links with leading industries and companies encourage the students to exploit those links to get experience.
  • Strong focus prepares the students for a successful career or to start their own business because this is very important for any student’s career.
  • A promising tradition of student success internationally and nationally.

Who Should Apply?

Candidates who are anxious to create designs on the surfaces i.e. bedding, furniture, garments, and other daily items must apply. Similarly, those who can work collaboratively or under pressure and can meet deadlines to achieve progression are ideal for this course.

Programme Details/Course Highlights:

If you want to Study Interior Design, you can enrol in courses, which are of a few months’ duration. However, to get a degree in the field, you have to join our 4 years degree programme.

  • Total duration: 4 years divided into 8 semesters
  • Total credits: 240 hours
  • Compulsory: 80 hours
  • Optional: 120 hours

Credit Hours Details:

  • Total Credits: 240
  • Mandatory: 80 Credits
  • Optional:160Credits
  • Total Credits: 120

Admission Criteria:

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Admission:

For admission in Interior Course criteria is not very strict. But for Bachelor of Interior Design, you have to fulfil the following admission requirements.

  1. Academic Background:

Candidates with ICS, ICOM, FA, FSC, A LEVELS in any subject can apply for this course.

  1. Assessment Test

An assessment test will be provided to candidates that are designed to analyses their aesthetical abilities in the art and design field. The percentage in this test will allow the department to focus on the areas in which candidates lack, so further advising can be given by assessors.

  1. Submission of a Completed Application Form along with Academic Documents:

An application form has to be filled by the candidate given by the admission office. The form will have all the required academic documents which include two passport size pictures previous academic certificates, and CNIC copy of candidate in case the candidate does not possess one, guardian’s ID card copy can also be attached.

Online Admission Method:

You can also apply by filling the Quick Form.