Creatiff Teen’s Online Blended Learning Course

Creatiff Teen’s Online Challenge is a remarkable course that will teach you four basic skills so that you may start your own social media channel and start getting followers. A two month’s course is simply designed to teach you fundamentals, each day you’ll learn new skills that will introduce new avenues and guide you to take your skills to the next level. The Course is overflowing with powerful insights into Carftography, Digimography, Tale Talk and Beauty for Camera. Many of the tools and techniques you’ll learn here are rarely seen.

Expressing yourself is the most common behaviour of humans, and online platforms have made it easy to express yourself. Just like a letter or book has a structure and formula, marking your social media presence through various channels such as video making and video logging also has structure and formula. In this introductory course, we will go over a few of the basics and show how to get started with it immediately. If you already have a VLOG, this course will be even more relevant, as it will discuss many of the common questions and issues you face in your vlogging routine.

This is the “promise we make on this course

You will be able to do remarkable things at the end of this course that you can’t do while making videos and putting them on YouTube now. This course is designed for anyone, interested in pursuing video logging and handling a Youtube Channel. This course is designed for Beginners to teach them fundamentals to enhance their skills.

The skills you’ll learn on this course will dramatically improve your social media presence and Vlogging no matter what medium you work in.

Let’s get to know the Content of the course.


Craftography focuses on different do-it-yourself techniques to provide you with a sound platform to start making and uploading your videos and tutorials on your personal YouTube channel or social platforms. The content of Craftographywill enables you to get creative in your approach as well as you will be able to learn various arts & crafts techniques.


Digimography focuses on Digital Motion Graphics in which the focus is on development and techniques of Videography, motion graphics and digital editing. It also includes various sound and digital effects for your videos.

Tale Talks

It’s important to sound confident and natural when you are talking, narrating orv-logging. It can take a lot of practice, but don’t worry – it will get easier as you do it more often. Rather than trying to memorize what you are going to say, we have you develop ideas. We help you use the right word at the right place at the right time that will odd one out. This type of practice is an excellent way to improve your fluency and will build your confidence.

Beauty for Camera

Beauty for Camera is fabricated to enable you to learn in-depth information about personalities. You will gain a better understanding of those around you and also more about who you are and how you got to be that way. Participants will learn styling techniques, Make-over and basic touch-ups to appear in front of the camera. At the conclusion of this class, the participants will be well prepared to face the camera in their best attire.

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